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Pathways Shelter for the Homeless receives 2022 SDBA Community Enhancement Award

Through the SDBA Community Enhancement Award, the SDBA helps recognize an important cause in SD Broadcasters’ communities.  Nominations are accepted for a worthy project, organization or individual that provides a significant and identifiable benefit within a station’s listening or coverage area.  The SDBA is proud to award the 2022 Community Enhancement Award to Pathways Shelter for the Homeless, and contribute $2000 toward the “Dignify our Rooms Campaign”.   Curt Dykstra, KYNT-AM, Riverfront Broadcasting Yankton, nominated this cause, competed with other SD stations, and won the cash award that goes directly to this deserving service that enhances the community of Yankton and its surrounding area.

Pathways Shelter for the Homeless is the only shelter serving general homelessness within a 60 mile radius of Yankton, SD.  Pathways provides four separate shelter programs from its facility, along with three types of financial assistance programs.  Through the four shelter programs, Pathways expects to serve roughly 450 unique individuals in 2022.  Prior to their recent expansion, the average number of unique individuals served has been 274.

The high quantity of people rotating through their doors has had a hard impact on the shelter room furnishings over the years.  Since Pathways moved into their current facility in 2015, they have used donated household items to furnish the rooms (beds, dressers, etc.).  The items come from single-family homes, are used and typically towards the end of their useful lives, and are simply not meant to withstand the daily wear and tear of shelter use.  Pathways’ staff are often making several trips to the city landfill each month to discard broken furniture.  This is not necessarily at the fault of those they serve, as the furniture is typically older and brittle, making it more prone to accidents. 

Pathways is embarking on a $60,000 campaign to “Dignify Our Rooms”.  The campaign will provide ample furnishings in each shelter room.  These amenities will be long-lasting, durable, easy to sanitize, and will be bed bug proof.  This will allow Pathways’ staff and volunteers to be more efficient when preparing a room for the next household.  In addition, and perhaps more importantly, those they serve will be able to live in a more dignified space while receiving services.  They will have ample sleeping amenities and sufficient storage for their belongings.

Pathways partners with more than 20 local entities annually in a collaborative effort in order to positively impact the lives of those they serve.  Staff are able to refer to the proper organization for necessary services, rather than recreate the service in-house.  These partners include state and local government, educational agencies, healthcare entities, and a wide variety of community-focused organizations.

Partners specific to the “Dignify Our Rooms” campaign are community donors, such as individuals, businesses and religious entities.

Pathways’ vision is to break the cycle of homelessness in each person served.  Success is gauged by the completion of goals.  Two of the primary goals in almost every household are gainful employment and stable housing.  When a household has secured income and moves successfully into stable housing (among other smaller goals), this is determined a success.

The SDBA is proud to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Steve Willard, SDBA President, presenting a $2000 check to Curt Dykstra, KYNT-AM,
Riverfront Broadcasting Yankton to donate to the “Dignify our Rooms Campaign”