NCSA Program

Current NCSA Campaigns
Campaign                                             Flight Dates

SD Office of Highway Safety (Radio only)            10/1/2022 – 09/30/2023

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SDOHS Sound Effects Story DD 30 Radio
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:30 spot
:30 spot
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:30 spot
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:30 spot
:30 spot

What’s the NCSA Program?

NCSA stands for Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement.  It is an old Federal Communications Commission logging term indicating radio or television stations receiving no revenue for the announcement.  Instead, the revenues from an NCSA program help to fund the broadcasters’ statewide trade association, the South Dakota Broadcasters Association (SDBA).  The program helps to defray the cost of conventions, seminars, FCC Station Self-Inspections (ABIP), and communications programs of the SDBA.

NCSA Funding

Government agencies and non-profit organizations that normally approach broadcasters for Public Service Time request a NCSA program.  These organizations, which operate in the public interest, make a grant of funds to the SDBA who then requests its members to run NCSA announcements voluntarily at no charge for the benefits of SDBA and its programs.  Announcements supplied by NCSA clients are distributed by SDBA to participating stations.  Stations run the NCSA announcements on an as available basis and send a monthly no charge, exact time performance affidavit to SDBA.  Stations are requested to value the time provided based on their regular rates charged to advertisers buying the same time periods for cash.  The Association uses these figures to demonstrate to the NCSA client the cash value of the spots delivered across the entire state by both radio and television participants.  An NCSA program provides a win-win result for participating SDBA members whose Association grows stronger and for the NCSA client whose message is seen and heard statewide in all time periods and formats, reaching all demographic groups.

NCSA Program Guidelines:

The Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement Program is a hybrid between advertising and public service.   The program guarantees a minimum number of announcements over a specified period of time.  It also guarantees that these announcements will be played in a schedule so that they are aired in difference parts of the broadcast day.  This ensures the broadest audience possible.

  1. The NCSA Program is available to government agencies or non-profit groups.
  2. SDBA guarantees participation by at least 70% of its commercial members.
  3. Announcements must be public service in nature, for a subject which has not used paid advertising in the last five years.
  4. Announcements must be :15 or :30 second spots for TV and :30 or :60 for Radio (:30 preferred).
  5. Announcements must have a tag line which uses the words “sponsored by…” or “paid for by …” to meet legal ID requirements.  (Preferred Tag:  “…sponsored by client name and aired in cooperation with the South Dakota Broadcasters Association and this station.”)
  6. Production and tape dubbing are the responsibility of the agency involved.
  7. SDBA provides for distribution and traffic instructions to participating stations.
  8. Stations file affidavits of performance at the end of each month to SDBA.  SDBA prepares a report from these affidavits.  Affidavits are available for review in the SDBA office.