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Reinvent Your Sales! 

They Can Beat You on Price, But Not on Value!
Sales and marketing have changed forever. They will never be the same again. Customers who argue over the price have not been sold on the value to them.  The methods that worked for you just a few years ago are obsolete.  Once you allow the buyer to negotiate the price, you have lost all leverage (and the sale!).  New and experienced account executives often allow the buyer to control the process rather than act proactively.

                         Features + Benefits = Value (and MORE sales)!

Prospects buy the benefits of services.  The instruction and dialogue help you gain a competitive advantage by improving the effectiveness of sales calls.  Jim shares great cold-call scripts and offers enhancements to veteran and novice account executives.  Through fun, interactive dialogues and methods you will learn effective skills to become a better presenter-seller and encourage value-based sales of attendees.  Insights gained are used to: reinvent marketing strategies, increase client receptivity, improve presentations, communicate value and close more sales.

Key Outcomes:
-Alleviate practices and policies that have become your “dinosaurs.”
-Initiate digital secrets to make you unique in your market.
-Discover the value/trends people value in what you sell.
-Identify transferable methods and concepts from outside your industry.
-Design and implement an action plan to change.

What’s in it for you? Sell value over pricing at higher profits consistently.


Jim Mathis, IPCS, CSP, Mdiv.

The Reinvention PRO             

JIM MATHIS, IPCS, CSP, JMT is a bestselling author, International Platform Certified Speaking Professional (IPCS), Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a member of the John Maxwell Team (JMT) and executive consultant. He has been writing, speaking and consulting for over 40 years internationally. Jim helps business leaders who want to reinvent their organizations in challenging economies. Some of the clients he has worked with include broadcasters, communications, health care, hospitality, travel, banking, credit unions, insurance, petroleum, construction/contracting, retail and governmental agencies. He is President of Reinvention Nation, LLC, based in Orlando, Florida and author of the best-selling book: “Reinvention Made Easy: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results,” as well as “Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinvention.”

Workshop Seminars:

  • Leadership/Management
  • Reinventing Sales
  • Customer/Client Service
  • Strategic Planning Retreats