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SDBA is affiliated with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) which conducts public service programs throughout the country, and supports a variety of community activities to promote the exciting field of radio/TV broadcasting. These PSA activities promote a drug-free society, the environment and education, among many others.Like its national counter-part, SDBA conducts a wide variety of programming to meet the needs of its myriad listeners. From the state-wide United Way television marathons or local heart-fund broadcasts from shopping malls, to public affairs programming of candidates to state legislature or city-wide election results, are all part of the continuous broadcasts efforts of SDBA members to inform, educate and familiarize radio/TV listeners to current issues or pending legislation.

But radio/TV programming also entertains. SDBA is proud of its broadcasting efforts, and is pleased to have in it's membership the South Dakota Public Television Network, along with dozens of FM radio stations which dedicate much of its broadcast schedule to music and entertainment.

SDBA brings you news, views, reviews and previews. It brings you viewpoints and counterpoints. It verifies and quotes reports verbatim so that you are fully informed.

SDBA Web Site is yours to explore and/or comment. Please feel free to roam throughout its pages. You can even print out registration forms to attend various functions or nomination forms for consideration to various awards presented each year by SDBA.

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