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Edmunds Central High School Senior Wins $10,000 In Highway Safety’s “Lesson Learned SD” Program

PIERRE, S.D. – An Edmunds Central High School senior has won a $10,000 prize for promising to be a safe driver. Austin Faw of Roscoe was announced Monday as the winner of this year’s Lesson Learned SD program during an all-school assembly in Roscoe. “This program is a great way to recognize young people who have pledged to be safe drivers,” said Department of Public Safety Cabinet Secretary Craig Price …
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72nd Annual SDBA Leadership Conference



Mark Levy, RDR

2nd Tuesday Webinar

May 11 Webinar:  11am CT; 10am MT

7 Steps to a Fantastic Recovery! 
Presented by: Mark Levy 

LBS Broadcast Selling Expert and President of Revenue Development Resources 

We promise it won't matter if you're from the radio, television, or the digital side of things, from a large market or small, you will leave this webinar better prepared to build and enhance your recovery efforts as we'll focus on often overlooked details. Just some of the things we'll be covering include:

  1.   Competitive money - where is it, and why do people buy competitive media when they could be buying us?
  2.   Reducing cancellations with just a couple of the right questions
  3.   7 "Must Ask" questions in every CNA. - and if you don't ask them, it isn't a CNA. A spreadsheet to show you why? Absolutely!
  4.   Benefit-oriented presentations (and yes, we'll have a template)
  5.   Giving clients who don't like to plan farther than a month out a tool to help YOU help them plan further out
  6.   Customer service tips to share with your clients to help them close more business
  7.   The Grand Poobah Appointment list

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