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A new FM broadcast station at Pierre, South. Dakota, was authorized November 20, 1979 when the Federal Communications Commission granted Pierre Radio Inc. authorization to operate on 95.3 megacycles with a power of 2.7 KW at an antenna height of 197 feet. The new permittee was owned by William P. Turney and his wife Lanelle (85 percent) and Jerry L. Wolledge and his wife Merillie (15 percent). Mr. Wooledge was a Gann Valley farmer and his wife was a teacher. Estimated construction cost was $5,000; first quarter operating cost was $3,200; while anticipated first year advertising revenue was $50,000. The call letters KNEY (FM) were assigned in late February 1980.

Prior to going on the air, Pierre Radio Inc. sold KNEY (FM) for $1,080 to the Sorenson Broadcasting Corporation on July 29, 1980. The firm was licensee of KCCR at Pierre and was owned by President Dean P. Sorenson (50 percent) and Thomas J. Simmons (50 percent). In 1981, authorized power was increased to 3 KW at an antenna height of 300 feet. Airdate of KNEY (FM) was Wednesday, April 6, 1981 with Mel Moyer it’s General Manager. The new stereo station aired a “middle-of-the-road” music format from offices and studios shared with KCCR at 106 West Capital, Pierre.

In 1982, KNEY (FM) switched to a “Contemporary Music” format. Gary Drake served as General Manager from 1984 – 1988. KNEY (FM) switched to an “Adult Contemporary/Oldies” music format in 1986. Tom Pmlson was named General Manager, from 1988-92. An affiliation with the US One network was added in 1987.

Call letters were changed from KNEY (FM) to KLXS-FM in early April 1988. The station then adopted a fulltime “Oldies Music” format. In 1992, SMN’s “Oldies Music” format was added. Carol Brock succeeded Tom Paulson as General Manager of KCCR and KLXS-FM from 1992-95. An FCC construction permit was issued in 1992 for KLXS-FM to increase power to 50 KW.

Today KLXS-FM is owned by Riverfront Broadcasting LLC. On July 3, 2012 KLXS-FM changed their format from adult hits (as “Jack FM”) to country, branded as “Country 95.3”