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Ice Storm Brings Down Two Broadcast Towers In South Dakota

A massive winter storm that walloped the Midwest with ice and snow brought down a pair of broadcast towers in South Dakota Wednesday. An 1,800-foot tower north of Garden City, home to Alpha Media country KDLO (96.9) Watertown, succumbed to the devastating combo of ice buildup and wind. An adjacent 800-foot tower also fell to the ground, according to North Pine. KLDO-FM is back on the air, broadcasting from a backup …
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Broadcast Selling Is Always Evolving - Are You?

Presented by  Greg Gibbons, Digital Manager at Cumulus Media and LBS Digital Expert

Never has there been a more urgent time for broadcast sellers to truly comprehend marketing from a traditional, digital, and events perspective.  Today's TV and Radio salespeople must be more than just "adequate" multimedia consultants.  Local digital agencies will continue to win more and more account control unless the local broadcast seller knows how to champion their clients' complete marketing plans.  In this webinar, one of the industry's best digital experts will provide you insights into how you can become that marketing champion!

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